Rough and ugly lathe bench in progress.

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  • Rough and ugly lathe bench in progress.

    Okay the title might be a bit overboard but let me lay out the concept.

    During he recovery / strip out from Hurricane Harvey, my sister in law had to redo her cabinets, and ended up with a good number of late 1960s oak drawers. Nothing super fancy, but rugged as all get out..

    I don't have exact measurements (yet) but I am going to be using htem as storage drawers for a lathe ballast / storage bench for my HF 12x36 lathe and its accessories. Mostly to allow me to compress storage space in the shop. You'll notice a downsize / space efficiency theme in my near future projects. And yes, I AM collecting the pallets for my pallet shed / workshop project. I am figuring a 12x16 shed, with a simple saltbox style roof, extending over an exterior lumber storage rack and an enclosure for the DC and air compressor.

    Back to the lathe workbench.

    I am planning on a base of 4 legs, 4x4 Pressure Treated. With 2x4 top spreaders, and 2x8 bottom spreaders. The bottom will enclose a base that will be filled with concrete for ballast / weight. Simple sides, and center divider allowing me 2 rows of drawers, and a top a "cutting board glue up" of surfaced 2x4s

    I need to set up a mobile base for it to allow it to be moved around in the new shop, and moved TO the new shop. This is going to be, with the lathe installed, stupidly heavy, but that is the idea...

    So first things first. Get measurements of the height of the stock stand. I want the lathe about 2 to 3" higher. Then measure out the drawers, and slides, and then get busy with sketchup with the design.

    I do intend on enclosing the case, and face framing it, but make no mistake, I will make zero effort to conceal the 2x and 4x construction. The old oak cabinet drawers are painted with 52 years of repaints so I am thinking strip that, and hit it all with something closeish to the HF green paint they used on the lathe.

    I know I will have drawers left. I am thinking / hopting I can whip up something to make the rest of them fit into the miter saw station. I'd rather not build new drawers when I have existing ones...
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    I had to lookup saltbox style roof:
    Click image for larger version

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      Saltbox is the best definition I can come up with. Figure the roof of the short side is extended so that it creates a covered outdoor area next to the building...

      The idea is to stay within the 200sq / ft limit for not needing permits, and providing weather protected space for the DC and Air Compressor...

      Saltbox might not be the right word exactly, but it is as close as I can come up with..
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