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Filling holes in painted surfaces.

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  • Filling holes in painted surfaces.

    Is it possible to fill dings in a painted surface? Re-painting cabinets, and not wanting to strip them right down to bare wood. Swapping out handles that wont cover with new ones. Sanding and repainting.

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    Painted surfaces are super easy to fill in. Sand the area, put tape over the back of the hole, and fill in with either epoxy or CA glue. CA is fast and no mixing. With accelerator, it's super fast. I would use the "medium gap filling" type. Then sand and paint.


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      I have done that also. I use the no-shrink plaster/putty from HD or Lowes, apply and push into the holes and then with a putty knife smooth it out. Lighly sand smooth and re-paint. If you have the color in a spray can paint, you can lightly spray the area and feather it out without having to paint the whole cabinet.
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        I've had good and bad results with putty. Could just be me. I like the glue and (if needed) sawdust method because it's never failed, even in big holes. For big holes I go with epoxy, small get cyano. Small but not tiny get cyano with sawdust.