Which table saw is better Powermatic 66 vs Rockwell 34-450

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  • Amp
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    • Nov 2023
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    Which table saw is better Powermatic 66 vs Rockwell 34-450

    I've got the opportunity to get my hands on either (or both...???...maybe) of these table saws but I can't decide.

    I've attached some pictures but I'm looking for some help in deciding which one I should get.

    I've added their prices below......

    Powermatic 66 = $352
    Rockwell 34-450 = $210

    Thoughts anyone?


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  • leehljp
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    That sounds extremely low priced for even used ones of those models. Either would be a steal at those prices. IS there a "zero" left off of the prices? Or is this an auction?
    Hank Lee

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    • twistsol
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      If I had to choose, I'd go with the PM66 just because it is a saw I am familiar with. Both of those are fine saws, look to be in excellent condition and at those prices, I would buy them both, use each one for a while and sell the spare for likely more than you paid for both of them.
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      • LCHIEN
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        does the price include all the wide tables and rip fences shown in the first photo? THe last photo shows just the rockwell with its tables and rip fence removed.
        Overall those are good prices for that kind of classic saw. WHat is the HP and wiring requirements? if its three phase you can buy a converter now that will let you use it at home but that's an added cost.
        Will you be able to use it without a large added expense?
        Rockwell looks like a more conventional rip fence, PM66? But it looks likethe PM66 has a dust chute and router mount hidden behind that rip fence?
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        • capncarl
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          Pick the one with the largest cast iron top.


          • dbhost
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            From the pics shown, the Powermatic appears to be a more complete saw so you are better off with one that won't run you into extra costs to get it useable... If condition and completeness are comparable though, honestly they are more or less quality wise indistinguishable from each other... However powermatic yellow can be a bit of a status symbol to some folks..
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