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  • SawStop at Home Depot

    Home Depot is now carrying some SawStop saws and accessories. It looks like only the Contractor, JobSite, and Compact models are available there.

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    I looked for the side extension tables (R & L) for the ($975) compact 10" SS, but did not see any options concerning that, but the side edges of that model SawStop table suggest there are. Anyone see any of those? I did find an out-feed table extension.

    Otherwise it looks like the $2200+ Contractors saw is the only option for a larger table.
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      I’m not positive but I think that SawStop has all of its retailers on fixed pricing where all the shopping in the world won’t get a better price. I do know that I would definitely go to a store that the salesperson has a clue, rather than the one mentioned where your buying experience would resemble Ralphie on Christmas Story where Santa asked what he wants for Christmas.
      When I purchased my contractor SawStop from Woodcraft the salesman knew what cast iron side extension tables would fit this model… some would not. Most Professional model table extensions will fit the contractor saw. I do believe that the professional model T glide rip fence will also fit. When I requested a right side cast iron extension for a router it threw them for a loop, it was only listed and pictured as a left side option. They had a left hand table on hand and agreed to open it up so I could look at it. They placed it on the left hand side of their demonstration saw and said that’s how it fits! I picked it up, turned it 180 degrees and put it on the right hand side and said, that’s how I want it to fit on my saw. All the holes lined up perfectly, router in the proper location, the called SawStop to check and we’re told it would fit on the right hand because that’s where buyers that purchased the sliding miter table mounted it.


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        Just curious, would a standard Cast Iron router insert extension wing fit on one of these SS saws? I am close to wanting to retire my BT3100 in favor of a SawStop but can't really do away with the router wing... And the price difference between say a Bench Dog and a SawStop official part is just extreme...
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          $699.00 that’s the 27” cast iron top with opening for router lift, table legs, router rip fence,


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            I always thought that cast iron wings for major contractor style and cabinet table saws were interchangeable but I have never dealt with one so you should probably check.
            If you know who made yours or one generic one you are wanting to buy, ask them if it fits the saw you are thinking of buying. I'm sure they have a website, who doesn't these days.
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              This may be a case of never mind. The SawStop wing is almost $100.00 cheaper than the Bench Dog unit at Rockler... I may end up replacing my BT3100 sooner rather than later... I need the van stuff handled first, but a SawStop and router wing may be under my Christmas tree from me this year...

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              You can run the out the door cost of a SawStop up really quick when you star adding upgrades! Backstory, I already had a Powermatic 64 contractor saw that I had built a full saw size cabinet and detachable outfeed table. The physical size of the Powermatic 64 saw housing and the contractor SawStop housing is very simular in size so with a few modifications I could drop the SawStop Contractor directly in my existing cabinet. I purchased the optional cast iron wings to replace the stamped steel wings, cast iron router table and the cast iron insert that bumps it saw out to 36” right rip capacity. Add on a T Glide pro rip fence and rail option and the SawStop 4 post route lift and the souped up contractor saw price is only about $550 less than the simular fitted out Pro Saw Stop.