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    Which BS do you have? Mine is a Jet 18 with roller bearings, and it's only my second BS. The first was a very junky Delta. So I only know "junk/unusable" and "pretty **** good if not top of the line." I have gotten it very dialed in because I have needed quite a few resaws on hard stuff like Wenge (and it produces very good ones). Since I have a Unisaw, I rarely use it for rips and crosscuts. It does have a little wander, so I guess the Unisaw still has its place too. I guess it always scares me a little that the blade is open to ME being stupid, but the TS has the added ability to do something totally unpredictable. So that's why it's more scare to me. Much of that is surely left from using much junkier tools with poor setup for most of my life. The Unisaw, which I dialed in to 1/256th precision, has never done anything surprising.

    Also, why not all three?

    Let me know as the shop is in place and a visit is in order. I'm still in the NW area of Peoria.

    Also, order up a Woodslicer blade for the BS, and we'll put that on. You will never buy another brand of blade. And go small, the 1/2" gives me the resaw power and stability of a 3/4" in the more basic brands.


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      I have the Powermatic 14 with riser. As WMH own them and Jet I wonder if the BS has similar bones.

      I did have a Woodslicer or it might have been the Timberwolf (one of the oft touted blades) a long while back. It was a 3/4" intended for resaw but I could never get it to track right and cut without a curve. I think this style of BS cant tension that wide a blade right. I have been using Olson blades the last few years and have had reasonable luck with up to 1/2 or 5/8 max. Thats when I can get it tuned just right.

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