So I answered an ad on CL

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  • GrumpyDad
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    • Jul 2020
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    So I answered an ad on CL

    checking CL ads the other day when I came across a badly worded/spelled ad with 3 nearly indistinguishable pictures. The ad was for a “massive tool sale” and said something along the lines of send a list of what you want...we probably have it. No address.

    I had had a feeling there was more to the story and sent an email asking for info. The person responded and updated the listing to include an address and said come on by next day to view the tools. I got up early the next morning and arrived at 8. I was the first one on scene to a tiny house with a leaky cat and a tobacco stench. Coming behind me was a man I had bought tools from in the past.

    The (recent) widow explained the situation and took me to a 1 car garage buried in sawdust and a basement space adjoining. The garage workspace was full of Triton, Rockler, Dewalt, woodpecker, bessey and other nice tools that had been used heavily but not abused to badly. The house and workspace was a different story. Massive amounts of sawdust surrounded leaking pipes and kerosene heaters in the basement. This was where he had finishes and paints stored in mass.

    The other buyer was close behind and another was coming up the driveway. Upon entering the garage the 2 other individuals immediately offered her Criminally low amounts for a dewalt planer, 12” Bosch compound miter with articulating arm and a nice floor drill press. This got me stinking mad as the men were taking advantage of her at a low point in her life.

    I asked her to step back inside the house with me and enquired as to who was helping her, how was she pricing, did she know anything about what she had, Needless to say she had no good answers. She then told me it all had to go THAT day as she was getting booted out by the landlord. I asked her if she would accept my help. I had her borrow a leaf blower from the neighbor as I told the other buyers to get out of the garage so I could take a better look and get some pricing together. Opening the garage door I let loose a cloud that could be seen all up an down the street.

    For or the next 6 hours or so I negotiated pricing with these pirates and tried too stop her from giving away her materials. I asked that she allow me to make a fair price for the materials I wanted in return. Upon arriving at a price I simply sent the buyer to her for approval and payment. In the end she ended up giving me a few things but I paid fair prices for a few gems and helped her clear the basement and garage as well as keeping the sharks from eating her alive.

    The main piece I purchased from her was a craftsman table saw with a granite top. Just about killed me to get it home. I spent this weekend stripping it down and removing glue, paint, varnish from the various surfaces and about 16 inches of sawdust from inside the cabinet. I had to sand, steel wool, scrape, brush and steam clean many of the parts to remove the built up funk. Even the motor was caked in dust. It is a wonder the house never caught fire.

    Tomorrow is reassembly and I will have to get a snapshot of the new 400 pound (+)bruiser after I find some matching paint for touch up. Anyone know the magic paint formula for a 2009 or so craftsman professional series made by Steel city?
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  • leehljp
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    This world needs more men like you.
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


    • twistsol
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      Originally posted by leehljp
      This world needs more men like you.
      An ethical man knows the right thing to do.
      A moral man does it.


      • Pappy
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        Way to go!
        Don, aka Pappy,

        Wise men talk because they have something to say,
        Fools because they have to say something.


        • LCHIEN
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          Good for you Grumpy, your Christmas gift to this poor woman.

          Reminds me of that old adage for woodworkers, we have to tell our wives, that after we're gone, don't sell our stuff for what we told her we paid for it.

          I've been tempted, thinking about the afterlife, that I should mark the tools with their relative value, if they have an estate sale so they won't get ripped off by bargain seekers and have everything prelabled for price. But that would look really tacky to have every tool in my shop with a hang tag with its price marked on it. Like Minnie Pearl on Grand Old Opry House show with the price tag on her hat.
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          If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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          • cwsmith
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            Grumpy, YOU SIR are a real gentleman, I salute you!

            There's not very many men like you and I think you did this poor woman a great service. I'm glad that you were there first.

            I wish you and your family a great holiday season,

            Think it Through Before You Do!


            • Black walnut
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              Three cheers for Grumpy! You sir are a real class act!
              just another brick in the wall...

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              • durango dude
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                Commendable act ---- three more cheers!


                • Rodango
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                  • Feb 2021
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                  Oh, another forum thought I. That was a heck of a story! I like to think I have a bit of honor, myself,
                  but it's good to have a reminder that there are good people in this world.

                  It sounds like you really pitched in there. Hope the saw keeps you in good stead. I've been intrigued
                  by the granite top since I first heard about them. Best of chopping to ya!


                  • nicer20
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                    • Sep 2007
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                    Wow just found this story. Grumpy - you are such a gentleman.

                    Reminds me of an African folklore. Man asked God why don't you bring on another flood to cleanse this world? God says yes I am ready to do that but there are still some good men left around that I cannot simply wipe out in the process.

                    Salute to you !


                    • Mike Ward
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                      • Feb 2021
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                      I am new here, just saw this. You are a gentleman. I have paid more for some things in garage sales than seller was asking when it was way undervalued. A co-worker back in the day was at a garage sale to buy some fishing gear from a recent widow. She was asking a couple hundred dollars for some carbon fiber fly rods. He gave her a thousand dollars and helped her price several reels and other fly fishing items so she did not get ripped off.