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  • Other shops - always fascinating

    Had the occasion to visit a different shop on a craigslist run this weekend . Unfortunately the shop owner was not there to help me with the history and origin of this configuration. Looks very home made but also very purposeful and durable. Have not seen this type of fence arrangement before.
    Click image for larger version

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    Oh gosh! Looks like someone use a light switch for a motor starter switch! It looks like a stout built table saw, but is it a 10” saw or a 7 1/4”? The blade opening looks small for a 10”. I’ve worked with a lot worse rip fence system than this. From the rust ring stain it looks like the owner is a Bud Lite drinker, gotta be a good saw!


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      Originally posted by capncarl View Post
      Looks like someone use a light switch for a motor starter switch!
      From the photo and the enclosure, that appears to be a motor rated switch rather that a light switch.

      If the switch is motor rated for the size of motor, it is fine, it is only the regular light switches that are dangerous and potentially deadly.

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        Model 10. Does that say anything about the blade size?
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          I just Google'd "Rockwell Model 10 saw" and got "Table Saw", "Contractor Saw", and "Radial Arm Saw".... all were 10-inch.


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        The blade opening just looks smaller than a 10” blade.


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          Incra still makes a fence in that style. If my used Unisaw didn't come with a Biesemeyer, I'd buy the Incra.