table saw splitter is touching blade

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  • table saw splitter is touching blade

    Something fell on my table saw and now it looks like the riving knife is pushed in a bit and is hitting the blade. Any suggestions on how to fix?

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    What table saw are you using?
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      If it is a BT3000, BT3100 or one of the Craftsman clones, then it is very simple. Take off the throat plate (usually 3 or four screws) and you can see the two nuts that hold the splitter on.
      Usually the best way is to loosen them ever so slightly. Push the splitter down so that the slots in the splitter is sitting on the supporting bolts at the ends of the slot. When placed evenly this will give you about 1/8 to 1/4" clearance of the splitter above the blade teeth. Tilting it forward is probaby what happened when the thing fell on it and the splitter has been touching the teeth.
      Tighten up the two nuts (1/2" wrench by the way or use the supplied wrenches) as necessary to keep it down and level.
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