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Craftsman 113.299315 angle crank broken?

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  • Craftsman 113.299315 angle crank broken?

    I bought my Craftsman table saw on craigs about 2 years ago for approximately $100. Since I have had it, the angle was always difficult to crank. Well yesterday, as I was cranking it, something popped, and all of a sudden the crank became loose, and did nothing. Now the crank just spins. I can see the screw spinning, but it's just free.

    I didn't see any loose parts on the ground after it broke, so I don't know what's going on. Did i unthread it from it's position by accident? Unfortunately because.of the panels I can't really see what's happening. I'm fairly new to table saws so I'm not really sure if I broke it, or it just needs to be threaded back in to it's position.

    Like I said, it's never been easy to turn, and I have lubed it with some wd-40 dry lube before.

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    So after further review, it seems the threaded rod has actually popped out of the collet it threads in to? Is there a way to get it threaded back in? There is no slack to move the screw at all

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      Looks like if you manually angle the blade to greater than 45 degrees, it may give you the slack you need to start the threads again.
      You may need to remove a miter end stop that prevents you going past 45 for this, but apparently it is really close to the end of the rod, so just try it first. It may also be that this end stop is not adjusted correctly or is missing.
      I didn't spot it on the parts breakdown, but it should have one.