Rockwell 9" Homecraft Tablesaw

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  • Rockwell 9" Homecraft Tablesaw

    I inherited my dad's Rockwell table saw about 20 years ago, and it has just sat in my garage because the saw-guide is missing. I have not come up with any ideas of how to get a replacement for it.

    The biggest issue I have is, how do I BEST determine the "depth and width of the channel to describe when looking for another guide?" I'm assuming that dealers for this brand are long gone, so I would probably be looking for a "compatible" guide rather than an exact match.

    I would gladly welcome ANY reasonable information of how to best go about find a compatible guide for this saw!

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    Saw guide????

    Table saws come with two devices, one for guiding making rip cuts called a rip fence, that is parallel to the blade.
    The other is a miter gauge that has a rotatable face for making miter angled cuts and this gauge slides in a channel parallel to the blade but has a fence that is usually 90 degrees to the blade for making crosscuts..

    Helps if we all talk the same language. Do you mean a rip fence? Or do you mean a miter fence/miter gauge?

    MIter gauges do have a channel they run in. The standard widely used is 3/4" WIDE and 3/8" deep.... You could always measure yours.

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      G.hag, include a photo if you can. Lots of help is available.