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  • BT3100 Free for parts or repair -- Washington, DC

    Folks -- after 20 plus years of loyal service the blade height mechanism on my saw jammed and I've decided to replace it. I'd like to give it someone who can use the parts. Basically everything else still works and I have a few goodies. I have a Shark Guard although the plastic is cracked. I have an extra router table insert and a miter slot insert.

    I don't want to deal with shipping so I'd rather give it away locally. To contact me, either respond here or nick (at) nickkeenan dot com .

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    An update: I've had an inquiry about a specific part. Right now my preference is to give away the whole thing, once I start taking parts off the rest starts being hard to give away. If I don't get any interest in a month or so I'll start giving away parts, watch this space. If I do start parting I will ship if you're willing to pay for shipping.

    Also, I'm including the dust collection base that I wrote about in this thread:

    This forum is the place to post photos of your completed projects. Please try to limit pictures to 540px wide or less so that is is viewable to all. Off-topic threads in this forum will periodically be purged so as to keep it "clean".


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      I wish you were close or planning a vacation in Daytona.


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        Saw has been claimed. Thanks everyone.


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          Thanks, again, Nick for passing your BT3100 along to me today. It will have a good home as a backup to my existing BT3100, and the accessories will integrate perfectly with the many others I've been adding to my collection.

          Now I have enough items to get my original BT3000 passed along to it's next owner.

          Nice meeting you, and good luck getting the rest of your new shop set up. I'll send some photos once mine is done. Maybe post a few here, as well - in case I missed anything along the way?

          - Chuck


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            Glad to see these passed around where they will do some good among a community of users.

            Nice to have Sawdustzone as a home and meeting/sharing place
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