BT 3000 Miter Saw Wanted

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  • BT 3000 Miter Saw Wanted

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to woodworking and picked up BT3000, but the miter fence is missing. Anyone out there have one they can part with? Please let me know asap.

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    This is the third time you posted this. Isn't it enough?
    I hope you find one.
    There are some available on eBay.
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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      Sorry about that. The first post I realized could have been in a better suited forum. The third one was made because it seemed to have not been posted in the classified ad section.


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        I deleted the second one because it was a duplicate of the first.

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      Kabcam read the thread from Robhennings and message them.
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        he already did

      • dbhost

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        Got it. So moot point got it...