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    I used to be on the old forum years ago. I had my BT3 and was happy with it. I lost all interest in woodworking when my depression and separation got the better of me.

    I'm back again and now have the buzz again so I'm looking for someone who has a well cared for BT3 that they want to part with. If you have one let me know. I prefer the original balck and silver model over the garish blue and silver but these days, beggars can't be choosers.

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    Sharing your geographical location might be of help to find one close to you. Shipping can be difficult.

    Also you can check Craig's list.
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      Welcome back! Location does help us locate one for you, and there is the rare instance that someone here is ready to sell theirs.
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        A brand new BT-3100 just went up on Craigslist in Central NJ
        But cash and local pickup only.