ISO: router that fits a Woodpeckers QL-350A (PC 690 or 890)

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  • ISO: router that fits a Woodpeckers QL-350A (PC 690 or 890)

    This weekend I am taking a look at a router table with a Woodpeckers QL-350A lift. I understand that these Porter Cable routers should work with this lift: PC 690 or a PC 890.

    I saw some posts where folks on this site have multiple routers...I don't think that my old Craftsman router (315.174921) will work.

    Does anyone have a PC 690 or a PC 890 in good condition that could be shipped or is in driving distance to Clayton, CA (94517)?

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    I think the PC690, 890, Bosch 1617 series all have the same diameter housing so that any router lift that clamps to the housing and has a raising mechanism independent of the router's original.

    That give you access to a lot more routers, including I think certain Dewalt (618 series) models. My router lift takes all routers with 3.5" diameter motors.Generally router rated 1.75-2.5 HP are 3.5" dia. motor housing.
    • Porter Cable 7518 (4.2” Motor Dia.)
    • Porter Cable 690/890 (3.5” Motor Dia.)
    • Bosch 1617/1618 (3.5” Motor Dia.)
    • DeWalt 610/618/616 (3.5” Motor Dia.)
    • Makita 1101 (3.218” Motor Dia.)
    • Hitachi M12VC & KM12VC (3.267” Motor Dia.)
    • Milwaukee 5625 (4.143” Motor Dia.)
    • Milwaukee 5615/5616/5619 (3.32” Motor Dia.)
    • Craftsman 17543/17540/28190 (3.5” Motor Dia.)
    • Rigid R29302 (3.625” Motor Dia.)
    • Portamate PM-P254 - (4.2 Motor Dia.)
    Your Woodpecker QL350 model number I will bet it means it can take 3.5 inch motors.
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