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Wanted: BT3100 Rip Fence (Canada)

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  • Wanted: BT3100 Rip Fence (Canada)

    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading a ton about the rip fence, have done a lot of searching (online, local stores, eBay)... cannot find one.
    Was sold this saw by a neighbour for $5 with a busted rip fence

    Used it a ton today with a "rip fence" that he made out of wood and a couple wing nuts on the back side.. but front locking handle also doesn't work so I was using a c-clamp.

    Also had an issue of "always-on" but I cleaned out the switch and that's fixed now as well.

    Basically just want a replacement rip fence.
    I'm in SW Ontario, Canada.

    Thanks (and I know, good luck, right?)

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    Well, I'd say be patient either here or on eBay you will sooner or later find a rip fence. Its a good design that clamps down on both ends.

    What's broken? The plastic parts at the rear end are usually what breaks.
    If so, here is a aftermarket machined metal end assembly.
    A machined metal plastic bracket only,
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      The cast part at the front - I can see where the whole thing busted right off.
      I don't even think he kept the original fence after that handle since it's not in the box of everything he had for it.. and the handle doesn't lock down at all anymore either.
      I will get some photos shortly.. and maybe make a general post instead of discussing it in this thread


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