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Craftsman 21829 1/2 Extension Rails

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  • Craftsman 21829 1/2 Extension Rails

    As my profile will show, I've been a forum member for a few years after picking up a clearance Craftsman 21829. I haven't posted much because I'm a complete novice with little to contribute - and I quickly learned what a wealth of awesome info I can find on here with a little searching.

    I hadn't seen extension rails for the 21829 posted on here for a while so I ordered some full size replacement rails from Sears Parts Direct. I can see why most everyone has cut them in half! Figured I'd offer to do the same if someone is interested.

    As most of you probably know the rails are longer than the BT3's - 48" until I cut them in half. They'll fit a BT3100 as they're the same profile but they're thinner gauge aluminum (and silver in color).

    I'd be happy to trade them for something like an additional 21829 accessory table. The dual miter slot add-on would be nice but I think I'd prefer one with the t-slots (which I don't think the Ryobi miter table add-on has). I have dreams of a Shark Guard (I could throw in cash as well) but I haven't seen anything about one that fits the 21829 with the update riving knife & detachable blade guard my saw I can't imagine anyone still using these saws has one they want to part with!

    If someone really wants them I'll split the cost as well. Cost me just about $100 with tax & shipping. Thanks and shoot me a PM or reply if interested!

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    I've thought about doing this a time or two in the past, but hadn't gotten around to it. I'm interested, PM sent.
    Bill in Buena Park


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      Thanks a lot Bill! Just sent you a reply.

      To keep anyone else informed, I told Bill that I'd like to give it a couple of days since parts like that accessory table have become hard to find (or are way overpriced on places like Parts Direct). Not looking to make a profit or anything so if Bill's good with splitting the cost they're his. Thanks!


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        1/2 rails on their to Bill. Thanks! Hope they work out well for you!


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          Thanks Tim - rails arrived today. look great! I can't wait to set them up and try them out - the way my stock rails are set up, the addition of these half-rails will give me a little more than a 50 inch ripping capacity.
          Bill in Buena Park


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            Hi. If these are the wide table kit rails and they're still available, i am interested. Thanks


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