Parting Out - Bits and Pieces of BT3000 & BT3100

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  • aiyou
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    Parting Out - Bits and Pieces of BT3000 & BT3100

    Parting out the following:

    Stock black rails (from BT3100, including rail mounting levers/tnuts) - SOLD
    Auxiliary table (from BT3000) - $35
    Elevation handle (from BT3000, plastic) - $10
    SMT (table from BT3000, but miter base is black, from BT3100) - $35
    SMT (table and miter base (silver) from BT3000) - $35
    Miter fence (includes clamping knob and miter fence holder, black plastic end caps are damaged) - SOLD
    Rip Fence (BT3000) - SOLD
    Saw Table (BT3000) - $30
    Long miter fence* - $20

    I do not have the blade guard/splitter assembly, and will be keeping the motor as a spare.

    *Long miter fence was partially cut through by prior owner. Appears to be straight, but may not provide full support over last 10 inches or so..may need to be "surgically" shortened.

    I mention the distinction between BT3000/3100, as the aluminum parts from the 3000 are noticeably darker than those from my stock 3100, in case appearances matter.

    Other parts from BT3000 available...feel free to PM with inquiries.

    Actual shipping from 95691, USPS or UPS. Will gladly work with you to find the most economical shipping option. Local delivery available in Sacramento metro area.

    PayPal preferred.

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  • Jcrawf
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    If the rip fence is still available, I'd like to have it. I could also use the narrow arbor spacer and the two arbor flanges. Please reply to my email address:
    jcrawf99 (AT) bellsouth (DOT) net

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    • LinuxRandal
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      Reporting to mods, simply for safety sake. You should not post your email address in a machine readable form, openly, on a forum.

      Also, I wish when people sold, they changed their preferences, to allow other members to email them (don't know when low posting members will get back otherwise). But that is just personal preference.
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      • aiyou
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        Thanks for pointing out that my profile was not allowing emails..wasn't aware that was the case.

        I've amended my profile to allow emails..