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  • An offer you canít refuse

    I have for sale the following Ryobi BT3100 items:
    BT3100 saw
    SMT and standard miter arm
    Long miter/rip fence kit with all hardware
    Wide Table kit (rails and hardware (black rails, white melamine table)
    Wide Table Leg Kit (including shop built caster and stop/leveler set-up
    HTC 100 Roller stand for saw proper
    Miter slot table
    Complete router table mounting kit
    2 shop built router table fences including mounting hardware
    Micro position fence adjuster
    Freud 80 tooth Thin Kerf blade
    Miter clamping kit
    Ryobi plastic ZCTPs (3)
    Ryobi original equipment metal throat plates including dado configuration
    Santac (Leeway workshop) ZCTPs (3)
    Leeway Workshop Shark Guard including riving knife (guard rarely used)
    All bloodstains cleaned from saw

    And to top it all off;
    Enough spare parts to probably build another saw Ė included motor, SMT, miter gauge, screws, t-nuts 2 Coaster kits, all top tables additional miter slot table, additional router mounting kit with all parts.

    So the bottom line for all this (and if you part out the spare parts, you can easily cover the cost) is a paltry $300.00.
    The only catch is that you have to come and get it. There is no way I want to box all this up or part it out myself.
    All equip is in really excellent condition and Iíll leave it up and working for you to try it out.
    Iíll post photos as soon as my new camera arrives (should be early next week.

    PM me if you are interested and Iím trying to keep the price firm?

    Iím putting all this up for sale as Iíve decided to move to the dark side and have purchased a Steel City Granite topped saw, along with a Jessem Master Lift Excel II ďFull MonteĒ router table with all the bells and whistles. I figure you only live once, and besides it just looks cool.


    Of course I forgot to mention I live in Nanuet NY which is about 35 miles north of mid-town Manhattan and we are right off the NY Thruway (I 87)
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    Wow, so much stuff I want but it's way out of the question to come get it. Good luck with your sale.
    I have a little blog about my shop


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      That's a pretty darn good deal at $300.

      I have one of the long miter/rip fences and I really like having it when the need comes up.

      Hehe, "guard rarely used"


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        with that title I expected to see some Italian mobsters landing up at my doorstep just because I do refuse (it is too far away for me)...

        good luck
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          good luck with the sale, bruce, and welcome to the dark side.
          there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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            Originally posted by radhak View Post
            with that title I expected to see some Italian mobsters landing up at my doorstep just because I do refuse (it is too far away for me)...

            good luck
            Dontya worry,
            I called Benny Big Nose off a you.
            "Western civilization didn't make all men equal,
            Samuel Colt did"


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              Bruce...would you happen to have a 16" jointer, a 5HP shaper (1.25"), and a 4 roller power feeder for sale do ya?



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                Good luck Bruce! I thought for sure you would go the SawStop method... stay safe!
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                  His Shark Guard is also in fairly new, though vintage condition.
                  I classify the one Bruce has as adequate. A step up if you want dust collection.
                  I am hoping Bruce would contact me about an new guard, but being as his fingers aren't quite as long now, there is likely less chance for injury.
                  Anyone else see where my logic is flawed.

                  Bruce, you are a repeat customer and repeat offender in the injury category. Contact me and I'll make you a deal you cannot refuse.