WTB: Miter slot table and rear rail (even a piece of rear rail)

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  • WTB: Miter slot table and rear rail (even a piece of rear rail)

    So I don't actually need the miter slot table or rear rail I was looking for before so I edited this

    I do in fact need the little router inserts. Anyone have them in a drawer and never use em? I user my router table all the time and would love to have them. I have the router kit that came with my saw, but the guy didn't give me the inserts (and really, the rest of the kit is pretty much trash except the mounting plate)
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    MST at M&D - $37

    In stock:

    4060310 Ryobi-Ridgid Power Tools Part number 4060310 MITER SLOT TABLE BT3000


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      Indeed - I can buy them new online. If someone had one from a parted out saw on the forums I was thinking I could keep the $$ in the board.

      Let me know if you do.


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        Original post has been edited - no longer looking for miter slot table or rail. Now looking for router table circular inserts.


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          Check the FAQ, I believe they are still offered by many Ryobi parts dealers. I'd have to verify, but I think the yellow-orange ones for the craftsman 21829 will fit too.