Used Drill Doctor XPK FS $40

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  • Used Drill Doctor XPK FS $40

    Hey Guys and Gals. I recently decide to upgrade to a model that does 135 degree bits as well as larger than 1/2" ones. The one I have now for sale is used less than a year old. Lightly used, though I use it once a week. I bought a 500X to replace this. It will ship in the carton the 500 cam in. Has DVD and a bit of literature.
    It is just like this one on Ebay.

    $40.00 shipped in US.

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    Good Price!

    Although I've never had a problem using my XPK for 135 bits or doing 1/2" plus. I did have to buy the 1/2-3/4" chuck for it though.

    I guess I was wrong, (it isn't abnormal for me), I got curious and went to the Drill Dr. website and they say the XPK will only take a bit from 135 to 118. It won't do 135 bits.

    I could have sworn that's what I've used mine for, especially on the 135 bits I have.

    Hmmm, I wonder if they made some changes since they first came out with it.
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      This one doesn't have a slider on top like the 500X does.
      It would do 3/4" bits with an additional chuck though.
      I drill a lot of hardened steel, so I really need the 135 degree. You can go a few degrees past 118 either direction, but not far enough for 135 on this one.


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        Yes, I drill a lot of rivet holes in .080 Stainless and I need to have, (I thought), 135 bits. I have my XPK cranked all the way to the side and it seems to do a great job on resharpening my bits.

        I bought this thing shortly after they came out with it because Lowe's didn't have any others and I was tired of supplying bits for helpers that didn't know how to drill in Stainless. All of them got an education in sharpening that day! LOL.


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          Here is a link that explains it a little in the FAQ's on the XP models.
          It can sharpen to 118 degrees and then different relief angles.

          It can sharpen a 135 degree bit into a 118 degree angle, but not the reverse.

          I can absolutely tell the difference when cutting hard steel. SS would be the same. It likes to work harden.

          For woodworking and general drill bits, the 118 works okay. It was the reason that I upgraded though.

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