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  • BT3000 For Sale - Arizona

    I have a BT3000 I've had since new. Extra router mount panel/table. Used occasionally over the past years and still works perfect. I've never had a issue or problem, but will need to be re-tuned and maybe a new insert. (Using a DIY lexan zero clearance now. I'd prefer to sell it complete & local pickup. I can deliver locally if someone want to help load/unload and pay for gas. I'm been a lurker here for years but haven't posted (I don't think). Have no idea what these are going for but will take $150 or best offer. Would rather not part it out as it's good working and complete, unless a few folks need some things and it would be worth the efforts to disassemble and ship.
    Marc (Sedona AZ area)

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    Also... wanted to thank all the posters here. I've gained a lot of valuable information over the last few years. Must admit the BT3000 has been a reliable tool when I needed it, but moving up to a heaver steel city saw. I also have a 4x8'cnc plasma table and a smaller cnc router table and so I just don't have the room for 2 saws. Price is negotiable if someone thinks it's off base or unfair. If so, any insight in pricing would be appreciated. Photos available on request. PM me if interested. Thanks.