Wanted- Sliding miter table assembly

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  • Wanted- Sliding miter table assembly

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced used sliding miter table assembly for my 3100.

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    It might help if you would list details such as your location; city, state or province or country.
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      Good point. I'm near Pittsburgh, PA, USA but would happily pay shipping from anywhere in the states.


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        Do you need the whole assembly including fence, or just the table and the rail it slides on?


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          The whole assembly, including fence.


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            I have an unused SMT I'd be willing to give up. Only been used a couple of times before I moved to a cutoff sled with a custom extension table / miter slot combo. It is from a Sears 21829, but should be exactly the same as the 3100.


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              I'm not sure if you found one, but I'll likely be replacing my SMT and fence with a sled and a fixed extension table

              It's in good shape but it needs two things:

              a) One of the plastic sliders is missing ($6 on sears.com)
              b) The clamps on one side are ok, but not great and could probably be replaced.

              If you don't find one ill let you know when mine is available.