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  • material and design for wooden stand

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m thinking of making some wooden display stands out of plywood. These will be used to display some drinks bottles. Something similar to

    Can anyone give me ideas on the best type and thickness of material? Also would these be best glued or screwed together?

    Thanks in advance : )​

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    I think you need to be more specific in which design you wish to make as that site shows a number of different types of display stands.

    You already said "plywood" which still leaves a large choice of materials. How thick the plywood used depends on how heavy the item. - are these standard bottles of wine?

    I see wooden display stands in all stores (which is what I look at when my wife is browsing stores) and some of them are nice permanent displays and some of them obviously more temporary so it depends on the "class" of the store and its displays to some extent.

    Baltic birch plywood excellent for things that have to look good. Sold in metric thicknesses rather than inch thicknesses and sold in 5-ft x 5-ft sheets instead of 4'x8'
    It has multiple fine layers so it looks nice on the edge. Sometimes also sold as marine plywood. Woodcraft and Rockler specialty woodworking shops will have these. as well as better lumberyards.

    Home Depot and Lowes have various grades of plywood. Something like Luann plywood is OK, as you go cheaper grades they tend to have voids in the ply which will show up as ugly edges and ugly patches in one surface, usually the one surface is considered the outside appearance one and veneered in birch or oak to be presentable without large voids or patches.

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