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  • New PV with Tesla battery system

    Finally got my PV w/Tesla battery system installed and running. Here in Hawaii we have one of the highest electrical rates therefore our state has the highest Home Owner/Business with a PV system. Residential average rate 42.47 cent per KWH. On top of that there is a 20% fuel adjustment charge recently added. It helps to have the Fed & State tax credits for installing a PV system. I started the process in Dec. 2021 and the installation was completed 4/26/22 and final inspection/approval with the Utility Co. was on 5/17/22. Long and costly process $ 51 K, 22 Sun Power panels, 1 Tesla Battery, complete system, installation and all permits/inspections. I got 4 quotes and they were all in the same range so I went with the one with the best reputation/service. All of our materials are 3 to 4 X more $$$ than on the continent. Since the completion of the install I used just 6% from the Electric Co. for all my needs. Last month it rained everyday but, it still generated enough power to charge the battery 100%, power my home 90% of the time. At nights the battery supplied all the power till the next day. I can track the Tesla battery use with their Ap. I tried to post photos but there is a server problem.

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    WOW! My electric rate just dropped to $0.12/KWH. I've always felt pretty lucky with this issue. Our county has an agreement with the state wide electric generation systems with an option that is 100% renewable energy generated. Residents have the option to opt in/out of this plan. As more and more wind/solar fields come online, the generation rate keeps falling. My last electric bill showed the generation cost was down to $0.045/KWH. The rest is the transmission/sloppy public utility management cost. Our local electric utility is under investigation for a $60 million fraud case with a former state legislator over saving a nuclear generation facility. Rebates are expected.
    Glad your foray into renewable energy was successful. It Is an expensive proposition, but once you've passed the installation cost recovery point, it will be well worth it. I thought I was taking a big step just getting an electric riding mower, but it has already saved enough operational costs to replace the batteries and they are just passing 1/5 of their charge cycle count. 87E10 is $4.25/gal. here and that makes the mower 16x less expensive than a gas rider to operate. Your home electric costs will be wonderful. Is your system large enough to feed excess back to the utility or don't they allow that? Some public utilities are starting to fight that since it reduces their revenue stream.
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      Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Is more than half of that $51K rebated over time with the federal and state participation? Even with your extremely high electric rates, it would take a very long time to break even if all of that had to come out of your pocket. Here in northern Illinois, even with about 60% of the installation cost covered by federal and state participation, it still takes a very long time to break even... if nothing significant breaks down.


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        What model panels did you have installed?


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          Originally posted by jabe View Post
          Finally got my PV w/Tesla battery system installed and running. ... Since the completion of the install I used just 6% from the Electric Co. for all my needs.
          Wow, that's great. Do you need to run the AC or not? How many watts is your system?

          I'm on the other end of things. We bought a house with 4.2kW total which I think are 12 years old now, but the roof was older and will need to replaced soon.


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            What, might I ask, does PV mean?
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              Photo Voltaic

              I.e. solar panels
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            Sorry for not replying sooner, we had to care for my mother, she was 102 yrs. old and just passed away yesterday. She is in a better place now so we're OK with that, she had a long good life.

            My PV system is 7.59 KW with 1 Tesla Powerwall battery, Solar edge Inverter and 22 SunPower x-series panels 345W. The SunPower Panels has a 25 yr. warranty and has the least amount of degradation every year. Since the installation we haven't used any power from the Utility Company, at night we run on the battery. On sunny days the battery gets charged first then any excess power is diverted to the GRID and we get a credit for it. I forgot how much the we get for the power to the Grid but it's very little. The engineer said it's better to use the the excess power instead of giving it back to the grid. Without the PV system we were paying about $270.00 to $325.00 per month for electricity now this was before the 20% fuel sur-charge that went into effect in June. Our 1st. bill after the solar system was up for 3 weeks which is not the full billing cycle was $70.00. We're still waiting for the next billing cycle which would be with the full use of our solar system.
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              My deepest condolences on the passing of your mother.

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              Sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. My prayers are with you and your family.

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              Sorry about your mom. My mom passed away 2 weeks ago she was 97 and had a sudden decline in health so I know what you were dealing with, its hard even though you know they lived a good life.

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            Wow. We’ve looked into solar but so far none of the plans we’ve found made it any cheaper than FPL. We pay around $150 a month and the solar would cost more to pay for per month. Sounds like it’s definitely the way to go for you out there in the middle of the lake.


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              I understand that here in Ga. home systems such as this are discouraged by the Utility providers…. By only paying you for your power back feed a fraction of what they sell you their power for. Stinks real bad.