Laundry chute?

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  • atgcpaul
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    • Aug 2003
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    Laundry chute?

    Anyone have or installed a laundry chute? I've got a spot in mind and only have one floor to go through.
    And yes, I'll be checking if it's not allowed in my county.

  • twistsol
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    • Dec 2002
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    I've never installed one, but I've had them in a couple of houses. Both were just whatever size of rectangular heating duct 12x3 or 9x9 will fit in the space you have. When I was little, our neighbor had one that was just a hole in the floor of a closet with a wooden cage below it with a door to get the laundry out.
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    • Slik Geek
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      • Dec 2006
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      I built one in the first house I owned, about 30 years ago. At the time, I didn't even think about whether it was allowed. (I'm guessing that it is a fire spread concern?) Now I would think about that.

      It was a 1950s ranch house with a full basement. There was a very small linen closet in the hallway with an 18" door. The closet was conveniently between joists. I cut a rectangular hole in the floor roughly 8" x 14" wide. I built a plywood cabinet with a hinged, drop-down door at the top. The height was such that the handle at the top of the door was convenient to reach while minimizing the height to reduce the impact on the loss of closet shelf space.

      Downstairs in the basement a laundry basket was placed on the floor. The washer was conveniently within 8-10 feet. It wasn't fancy, but it was very convenient. One would simply open closet door, then flip down the laundry chute door, and drop in the items.


      • atgcpaul
        atgcpaul commented
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        Did your chute extend down below the ceiling/floor, or did it stop there? From below, it was an open hole?

      • Slik Geek
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        Sorry, didn't see the question until now. I don't recall exactly, but I think I extended the chute down about 6-12 inches below the floor. From below, there was a "shrouded" open hole, but the chute above had an enclosure with a door, so it was completely dark from below. The enclosure came up to about hand level on an adult.
    • PhilWynn
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      • Apr 2022
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      My parent's house has a laundry chute, but they didn't know if they needed permission