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  • Replacing roller blinds

    Two issues in this post...

    I need to replace a number of blinds (roller type) on my home's windows. The style of mounting has the brackets on the window itself. This allows one to open the upper window (pulling it down) to allow ventilation, without the blind getting in the way. We have come to like this style of mounting, but since the brackets are mounted on the windows (wood), instead of on the wall (drywall), changing the position of the brackets is not much of an option (leftover holes wouldn't be easily hidden).

    I've replaced a few shades before, taking the desired dimensions into my local BORG. The problem is that they are "programmed" for customers to tell them the style of mounting ("inside" or "outside" on the wall), and the width of the opening. The person then adjusts the numbers according to their procedure and cuts the shade. (The machines are set up so that no thinking is required, just set the machine for the dimension and mounting style and it takes care of the rest). The result of this process is an end dimension compensated for the particular application (which accounts for overlap or clearance and mounting pin/tab lengths).

    In my case, I know the end dimension of the shade I want. Telling this dimension, however, to the person at the store gets varied puzzled responses. Each time I have tried this I have had less than satisfactory responses. The dimensions of the end result aren't correct. The people seem to not understand how to adjust the cutting procedure for my application.

    Anybody else experienced this challenge? Am I making this more difficult than it needs to be? Suggestions?

    Secondly, I have found some of the shades offered at the big box stores to be stunningly low quality. Anybody have good experiences with respect to quality that you can share to help me make a wise choice?


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    I'm thinking instead of a major retail "box" store, you should probably be going to a window covering specialty store which you might pay more but you will more likely get somehting custom tailored to what you need instead of a one size fits most solution.
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      Ended up at the big blue home center (not the big orange one). Their automated roller shade trimmer gave me just what I wanted with no trials, tribulations, or drama.


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        When we build our house 15 yrs. ago the dreaded window treatment discussed showed it’s ugly face for us! Shades, blinds, drapes, curtain…. Not decisions I wanted. I didn’t give a rats .. about the color of the curtain and drapes and all of the cornice boards and other contraptions that the homeowner must change every time the wife gets a vision. Luckily one of the wise salesmen at a large window treatment center pointed out the use of plantation shutters. They require few curtains or drapes and all that other junk. Very costly but a big saving over the years not having to remodel the windows. 15 years later we still have nice plantation shutters and have only had to add the usual window treatments. I’m very happy, I’d recommend this style as an update.


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          Dang, ElizabethGmail beat me to it!


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            Blinds are important for home. They are a necessary part of the window covering to keep the interior of the house safe and comfortable. They also have a great aesthetic value. But flooring is the major part of the home. There is a growing market for engineered wood parquet flooring dubai, which was formerly only constructed from solid wood blocks. For use in bathrooms and kitchens, engineered parquet flooring is constructed of man-made panels with a stable core and a wooden outer layer that resists changes in temperature and moisture.


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              Have we been invaded with extra terrestrial aliens lately?
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                ElizabethGmail wrote
                "You can replace the older roller blinds with the new ones."


                "You should check the faults in the older roller blinds. If this fault can be repaired then you should repair them but if the fault is not repairable then you should replace the older roller blinds with the new ones."

                One of the moderators deleted them saying "it added no value to the conversation", with which I agree. two "duh?" comments.
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