Adjusting bit height on router table insert?

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    Thanks. That does not look to be compatible with the BT3000 table for the router, but as I said earlier... after having the chance to see the Ryobi router kit 1st hand, I'm honestly a bit less than impressed, and thinking that I COULD just build my own that would still mount on the saw table itself (for space reasons, I'm reluctant to move to a stand-alone router table).
    I DO like the idea of separate plates though . I'd never considered having a setup where the plate was not anchored down to the table, that opens up some other ideas.

    I actually had to run by HomeDepot this AM, and took the opportunity to study a Ryobi 163 router while there (same model as my fixed which doesn't fit the Ryobi plate). The baseplate on the display model seemed to have a 2nd set of holes, which makes me wonder if mine is original (I had a circle-cutting baseplate/jig on it the other days so not 100% sure that the baseplate I had was the right one). Going to take a 2nd look at it, but as an interim, I'm going to trace a new mounting plate out of some 1/2 inch oak I have and do a test fit with the fixed router. If all looks good, I may 3d print a mount out of nylon or CF PETG (3d printing is one of my other hobbies). Long-term though, I DO like the idea of building my own table/plate to fit on the BT frame though... would also be nice to simply take it off and store it when not needed instead of dealing with the router potentially being in the way.

    For those not as familiar with the BT3000 router kit, it is basically a 1/2 inch aluminum plate that bolts onto the bottom of the BT3000/3100 saw "accessory table", and which the router bolts to in turn. Basically the plate acts as the "interface layer" between the table and the router. The kit also includes vacuum adapter, a rudimentary fence (attaches to the saw fence), router inserts, etc. Jim Frye posted a template of the "plate" here:, so I think my short-medium term solution will just be to make my own until I decide it is worth it to build a separate table.


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      The mounting plate for the BT 300X router table that came with the kit was 1/4" aluminum with this outline, but drilled for a variety of routers.
      Click image for larger version

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        Yep, exactly.

        But in the meantime... just took the plate off, and sure enough... the Ryobi 163 has two different sets of holes. The standard baseplate used 4, which do not line up to the factory mounting plate whatsoever, BUT... two other holes DO line up. So that greatly simplifies things. Going to drag out the drill press and make a hole for the wrench to adjust height from above, and this will be 150% better... with the range of adjustment, not only will I be able to adjust height from above, but just confirmed that at full extension I should be able to change bits from above the table without too much difficulty. Think the whole project just went full-circle from "yay! Router table!!" to "ugh, this is a much bigger pain than I imagined" to "ok, this is actually going to be a bit better than I originally anticipated, once I modify things a bit"


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          Don't recall how many now, but years ago LCHIEN was giving away at least one, but I seem to recall it was a couple of his dial indicator holder / setup gauge gizmos, and I was one of the fortunate recipients.
          Click image for larger version

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          My only regret to this is I loaded mine with a HF analog dial gauge, need to go grab a digital so it is easier to read.

          I literally can not say enough good things about this design. Makes for super accurate setup every time!
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