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  • Got a bt3000

    Almost a decade ago I gave a friend my bt3000.

    While browsing local adds on FB, I stumbled upon a bt3000 with a Ryobi 3hp router, extension rails and a vacuum table.

    It has some surface rust on the bolts and there are no accessories. There are no wrenches, no connectors for the extensions and no riving knife. The vacuum table has seen moisture and isn't looking so good. It also needs the on/off button replacement.

    The table motor works, but I didn't try cutting anything and disassembled it to get it into my vehicle. The router bit and collet we're quite nasty looking but at least unthreaded.

    I have browsed through the FAQ and will have to put it all back together over the next week or so.

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    It has the 15 amp motor


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      The router collect is going to need some evapo-rust


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        Paid $100 which seemed ok-ish.


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          Great buy with router AND vac table. Have some fun getting it all tuned up. Let us know how it goes.
          Hank Lee

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            Have fun. If you are patient you can get the missing parts here, eBay and Amazon, eventually, at reasonable prices.

            I recently made some rail connectors That I thought worked real well.
            Check and lubricate those shims for raising the blade! on a old BT3000!!!

            And this recent discussion:
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            BT3 FAQ -


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              I also found the riving knife thread and will likely make my own. I also recently got from CL a Little Machine Shop 3990 manual mill and this would be a fun project to learn how to use it.


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                It's in reasonable shape. Someone even put in stainless shims. Cleaning up the aluminum guides and using a dry coat to lube it.


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                  Johnson Paste wax has been on My BT3000 for 15-20 years now. Shims and elevation screw. Good for the table tops aluminum BT3 as well as cast iron tops on other tools.

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                Originally posted by MarkHoy View Post
                It's in reasonable shape. Someone even put in stainless shims. Cleaning up the aluminum guides and using a dry coat to lube it.
                Also based on my experience - if you ever disassemble and reassemble that sliding bracket assembly then make sure you do not tighten those 4 corner screws too much. I bought a used BT3100 in a great shape but somehow those screws were very tight and I struggled a lot to figure out why my saw blade would never raise or lower easily. Finally turned out that not tightening them to the limit did the trick.

                FWIW, just thought of sharing my experience,

                - NG