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  • What TableSaw should I buy?

    I am looking to buy a cheaper table saw and was reading this review https://www.toolazine.com/best-table...chtop-reviews/ and thinking to buy the Dewalt DW745. What table saws does everyone own and recommend?"
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    I used to own a similar Dewalt, owned a BT3100, and now own a Unisaw. Obviously, the Unisaw is the most awesome of them. But there are things that the others had that were useful. The geared fence on the Dewalt is strong and quite good, once you spend some time getting it perfect. And you do need to spend that time, mine arrived with at least a 1/64th variation. The BT fence was never quite as great, but very good. The BT's sliding feature is just awesome and I kinda miss it.

    In your price range, I would recommend these options:

    Look at local ads for a Unisaw. I bought mine for $500 and put $150 into refurbishing.

    Look for a BT3100 used also, probably $200-300.

    Or just go get that Dewalt.


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      I resawed and jointed these monster 4" legs on the Dewalt, with a high end blade. At that time I couldn't afford better/more tools so I had to make do.

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        I'll agree that dewalt is killing it with their jobsite saws right now, and if that's all your budget allows for, they're great saws. I used to have a BT3100 and now a sawstop PCS. I'll agree that sliding table was very nice, and the fence wasn't the greatest on the BT (but way better than most of the crap fences those types of saws have).


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          A good way to go if you're on a budget is to build a saw bench around a contractor (job site) saw.

          When my wallet feels skinny, I usually go to Direct Tools and buy Ridgid.

          They have two models - I'd likely go for the less expensive one (R4518), since I'm going to take the wheels off, anyway.

          I'd build my bench around the saw, and eventually replace that short fence with a Vega.

          I love DeWalt tools - but you pay for them. If you watch for the big box sales, you can get them for less.

          Thing is, I rarely need something when it's on sale, and when I need it, it's rarely on sale.


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            This is why I stocked up on great DeWalt tools years ago, based on sales. At least that's the excuse I told her.

            Each year now, I scour Christmas sales for deals, and upgrade my tools, selling the old ones on eBay. This year I actually MADE money doing that. Grabbing open box, splitting up special kits, and the like. I ended up with most of my tools refreshed, new batteries, and made money. eBay is full of suckers, I suppose, or people who can't do math.


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              I use a similar saw - Bosch 4100. Bought it that year. Many ideas immediately appeared on what to do.

              I have already made an outdoor table, a bench, and a rack for the garage.
              I also think to try to make a chair or something like that, but I think it will be much more difficult than I think. Therefore, for now, I am postponing this project indefinitely in order to gain experience.Click image for larger version  Name:	WhatsApp Image 2021-02-13 at 17.04.01.jpg Views:	19 Size:	89.5 KB ID:	843185Click image for larger version  Name:	WhatsApp Image 2021-02-13 at 17.04.59.jpg Views:	17 Size:	57.3 KB ID:	843186
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              Your budget is only one part of the equation. What do you plan on doing with it ?

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                If you have the budget for it, a Sawstop is hard to beat for safety. They have a jobsite saw, and are definately spendy but then again...
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                  Most hobby woodworkers that stick with the hobby buy better and better tablesaws one the years. I’m on my 5th saw, a Powermatic 64A, which was a high end contractor saw in its day..I’m one sneeze away from purchasing a Shopsmith pro. If you stick with the hobby At some point in your life Operator safety and dust collection will become top priority. I wish I had listen to the wise old men who said Buy your last saw first. I probably could have purchased this saw with the money I have spent on my previously saws.


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                    I'd go for a Dewalt DWE7491RS. I've got one and it's been fine so far. It's not the best tablesaw out there, but it's a good bang for the buck option if you're just starting out.


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                      I've personally used DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485). It is perfect for my new project. You can buy this.


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                        My big issue with the job site saws isn't the fences, a lot of the newer ones have good fences, but it is really the ability to run a Dado blade in them.

                        I mentioned the SawStop above, there are also saws from Bosh, DeWalt, Craftsman etc... that accept Dado blades, some with brakes, some without.

                        If you are in Houston Metro, there is a member here selling a BT3100 for a decent enough price in I think Tomball. That is a great option as well.

                        Honestly there are just so many options, I am not sure where to begin and end with the suggestions!
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                          Originally posted by dbhost View Post
                          If you have the budget for it, a Sawstop is hard to beat for safety. They have a jobsite saw, and are definately spendy but then again...
                          Hi and sorry for the reviving. I've heard a lot about this brand and this model - CNS175-TGP36(here is a review) is the most popular. But rumors said that it leaves a lot of dust around and works noisy. What is the best pick from Sawstop's stuff?
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                            The one you can afford. The model you list is the contractor saw with the motor sticking out the back, so everything that would have been captured in the base of a cabinet saw is being let out the back of a contractor type saw. There are ways to address dust issues on most saws, and the Sawstop is not unique, your budget, and your specific needs on a table saw however could be. I recommend the SawStop as they are reputed to be well made, and they have the safety features that are unique to them, notably the finger saving blade brake system. This swon't save you from issues like kickback but it should keep you from amputaqting fingers via the blade...

                            No matter the table saw, if one is available, I would always add the Shark Guard setup to it for improved safety and dust collection.

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                            On my SawStop contractor saw, when I installed it in the older wooden Powermatic contractor saw cabinet I saved a large piece of 2” thick fibrous insulation to stop dust from coming out the back of the new saw. That will have to wait until I have the saw running and tuned up. Dust does not come out of the back of this saw like the Powermatic, I suppose the dust chute off the blade contains it and it is sucked out the dust collector pick up under the motor. I’ve operating it for 6 months now with the outfeed table tight agains the saw and have notice no dust. Another plus for SS.

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                            I can’t tell any difference in noise on my SS contractor saw and the Powermatic 64 it replaced. Just a whirring of the blade. Definitely quieter than the BT saws. The excess dust I’ve noticed is when I don t have the over the blade guard attached, so that is my fault, not the saws. I’ve concocted a front of the saw dust collector that is displayed in o recent post on dust collection devices.