Another planter stand.

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    Another planter stand.

    Made another planter stand, This one from treated pine 2x4 ripped to 2x2 and using pocket screws. And a ceramic floor tile sample rabbeted into the top.
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    The frame was quite strong, the braces I added for decorative reasons, from cedar strips. The frame was pretty easy, the strips proved a real bear. I half lapped the crossovers. Fastening to the frame was tough because the narrow space, closing angle to toe-nail them was impossible to get a hammer in there and the sloping wood makes entry of the nails difficult..

    I ended up picking a finish nail and made a drilling guide jig to make a pilot hole that held the nail. Took a 6" long 5/64" bit so a guide was necessary to keep the bit from deflecting on an angled entry.
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    It was still hard to nail, i used a nail set and then a longer improvised nail set from a steel rod and still ended up bending a couple of nails.

    Anyway it was an interesting experience. Next time a small screw and a long driver instead of a nail might be easier to drive in the small, narrow, limited overhead space.
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    THAT is NICE! My hat is off to you! Four Perfect "Xs" are not easy!
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