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  • Belly up to the bar

    Not sure about you guys, but when we bought this house, I had a lot of preconceived notions of what I'd be doing in certain spaces such as this long counter that looks into the kitchen. My Uncle's first house had a scaled down version of this, and as a kid, I remember sitting on a tall stool eating my breakfast while he cooked more food for me.

    Well, that never happened here but when we remodeled this kitchen with butcher block counter tops, we knew the green laminate counter that used to be here just wouldn't do. I should have just bought more butcher block for this section because I would have been done 2 years ago but missed the boat.

    I wasn't going to make it from solid stock because it seemed like a huge waste if the next owner we're to just rip it out for granite or a whole gut job.. So I found a middle ground that used the materials I already had, but IMO didn't look like I copped out. 2 layers of 3/4" ply glued together then edge banded by 1" thick solid cherry stock. Those were all sanded flush, rubber cement was applied to the ply as well as some wide cherry veneer I already had, then veneered on both sides. Overhanging veneer trimmed flush, sanded, then finished with several coats of Minwax Satin poly.

    Click image for larger version

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    Paul - I am a fan of properly laminated structures and fixtures with real wood appliques.
    plus, you will have a much more stable bar top that should not distort in anyway. (and a huge saving of real wood).
    good job !!


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      Looks good!

      I had the same situation when we upgraded our kitchen last year, and I opted to replace the original laminated piece with a granite slab.
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        Looks great.
        just another brick in the wall...


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          I really like that you did it in a solid wood rather than the butcher block. I'm a big fan of mixing thing up
          instead of matching everything. Also, using wood that you had on hand is a big plus...It looks great.