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  • Finished Jewelry Armoir

    So this started as a plan that my wife said she wanted built. I figured I'd give it a try knowing that my skills weren't great, but what the heck. Then she hit me---match it to the existing amish bedroom furniture. That meant creating raised panel drawer fronts and top, redesigning the foot/base to match and oh yeah, creating a custom stain color. (Did I mention I'm not Amish nor do I have their talents?) The project started as 1x6 maple that I planed and jointed and then glued up. This was definitely the most challenging project I've undertaken. Surprisingly enough, everything came out pretty good and actually matched the existing furniture pretty darn good. The fun part was making the 1/2 moon indention in the front of the drawers to match what was on the existing furniture---but I managed it. The finish is General finishes satin waterbased stain. I really wanted to spray it, but I'm just not there yet. I can honestly say the finish is pretty dang good and I'm happy with it---which I usually never am. My neighbors saw it and said they had seen something very similar for $1400 in a store, so that made me feel pretty good. The overall construction is not that fancy or intricate, but it's my best to date...Thanks for looking and thanks to the forum for inspiring me to not give up.

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    That is very very nice work! Really nicely done!
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      Very nicely done. That finish does look great.



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        That is really nice. I am sure your wife would love it. Thanks for sharing (glad you didn't give up )
        Turaj (in Toronto)
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          That is a really nice piece, I know my wife would love it! Congratulations.


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            That's a beautiful piece of fine-furniture! I daresay that easily is worth the $1400 at the store. Your wife is going to start making a list of to-dos for you now on, watch out!
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              That is lovely. I'm sure your wife is very happy.