3D Print files for various BT3x00 parts.

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    This particular thread is for 3D printed parts.

    If you want to contribute to DIY parts the forum that this is in
    BT3x00 Replacement Parts Forum

    is the place to put it.
    I say this to help make posts like this more easily findable by search.
    If you post it with a title of its own: SHARK guard modified riving knife plan

    then future searchers can have a higher chance of finding it.
    Thanks fr your contribution!
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  • biologyben
    Not for 3d printing, but in the context of DIY parts, I slightly modified the original shark guard plans with extend cut lines and drill center points. I could also post the DXF for CNC use if desired.
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  • nicer20
    This is a good resource - hope it grows with more contributions.

    dbhost - "BT3x00 SMT glide upper piece. Best done if your printer can do nylon filament prints. Can be doen in PLA but likely have shorter life.

    This is interesting since this is one part that is prone to wear and tear from usage. Wonder if anyone has done the matching lower part​.

    Jshack01 - Wondering if you were able to complete some of the things you were working on.

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    Thanks, Dave. This is an awesome resource and you posted in the right forum discussion group!

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  • dbhost
    If anyone has or knows of any others. PLEASE post up the links and a quick description of the part...

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  • biologyben
    Awesome! Thank you for compiling and posting!

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  • dbhost
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    If you add the Ender Extender Xl kit that gives you 400mm x 400mm print surface you can sure do that. But failing that, just do the old BT3X trick and make your ZCTPs out of 1/8" wood. Pretty easy since they are simple rectangles with screw holes...

    Having said that, I will likely eventually add the Ender Extender kit for the Aquila to mine with the Z axis 500mm upgrade and BLTouch as well... But that is a lot of printing projects down the road... If you are heart set on an STL for it, I can whip one up based on my blank ZCTP but since I can't print it, I can't verify 100% that the screw holes will be in the right place...
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  • Jshack01
    I'm working on a ZCI or maybe a SCTP. It'll probably be a two piece thing because I think my Ender 3 Pro can only print up to 200mm x 200mm, but I've seen versions for other makes of saw that have clever dovetail connections that would work out. Fingers crossed .

    I'm also working on fence rail caps with some sort of wedges that will actually stay in place. This would be a straight up 'reverse engineering' of something I saw on Etsy, and by reverse engineering I do mean straight up rip-off.

    Wish me luck.

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  • dbhost
    started a topic 3D Print files for various BT3x00 parts.

    3D Print files for various BT3x00 parts.

    Our much beloved Ryobi BT3x00 table saws and their Craftsman variants have been out of production a good long while now, and many of the plastic bits and bobs that keep them going are out of production and no longer available.

    Fortunately we live in the age of 3D printing and 3D printers being available relatively inexpensively. I got my Voxelab Aquila for example on a lihgting deal for about the price of a set of ink jet cartridges for my Photosmart printer...

    After peruising the various designs I am working on collecting BT related print files to share with this community. Hopefully you find this helpful. IF you find you need some of these bits and bobs and don't have a printer and don't want to buy one, many public libraries have maker spaces where you can get access to 3D printers, and of course if you ask nicely one of us on the forum, you might be able to work a deal to get a print done for needed parts...

    Please use this thread to share your links to 3D print files for various BT3x00 parts and related items.

    BT3x00 miter fence end caps. These are the 3pc style that I believe was common on BT3000, my BT3100 is slightly different but I have seen lots of factory BT3x00 saws with this style so no doubt this design is a copy of that.

    dbhosts updated BT3x00 miter fence end caps. These are a one piece print. If you look at ehubbells design, the upper piece that is OEM on the BT3100 fence is a separate print. I sat down with my old fence end, calipers, and Sketchup and whipped up the new design, redoing ehubbells design via the Creative Commons Attribution license.

    BT3x00 miter fence clamp.

    BT3000 handwheel.

    BT3000 Rip Fence plastic parts

    BT3x00 miter gauge pivot

    BT3x00 Rip Fence / Miter Fence storage clip

    BT3x00 SMT glide upper piece. Best done if your printer can do nylon filament prints. Can be doen in PLA but likely have shorter life.

    BT3x00 handwheel knob.

    BT3x00 Porter Cable Router mounting plate. Designer recommends 100% infill.

    The author posted this for the BT3x00 but this is a generic 4x2.5 dust reducer. Not sure why you would do this other than it would be cheaper than buying an ABS piece or you could do custom colors / change sizes to maybe attach smaller or bigger tubing...

    BT3x00 router table throat plates.

    Need a regular miter gauge, have a 3D printer and some filament but no money? Print this out. Copy of Ryobi band saw miter gauge. I might actually make one of these for my band saw...

    If you know of any additional 3D print files, particularly in STL, or even just properly sized Sketchup models, please feel free to share. For those of us eith the small / cheap printers throat plates for example might be tough, but then again, Libraries have 3D printers sometimes, and some of them may be good sized ones...

    Sharing these files might just help someone keep their BT working just that much longer...
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