Wrenches are available again!

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  • Wrenches are available again!

    This gentlemen is making wrenches for our beloved BT3X saws. Should have a sample set in hand next week

    I have bought many items from this source. All have been of exceptional quality.

    Highly recommended


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    Those look really nice. If I still had a BT 3000 series I’d pick up a set
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      You really need on of these for the arbor lock if you have a BT3 saw.
      The hex wrench endss are easily replaced by a 3/4 and a 1/2" wrench. But the Arbor Lock end is really handy for the BT3

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        I still have the OE wrenches for my saw, but saved this seller just in case...
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          New wrenches received.
          Note the size difference. I like this feature for its clearance from the blade. Although, I have always thrown a rag over the blade in the past when making adjustments and changes.

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            I had no idea they were that much longer than the OEM ones... Seriously considering them now...
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              JMHO the extra long length will lead to over torquing the arbor nut.
              just another brick in the wall...


              • LCHIEN
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                Good point. I suspect most people overtorque the blade. Doesn't really take much. I use a 3/4" combo wrench, mostly because its more comfortable, but I go easy on it. It is self tightening by virtue of the left handed thread.

              • nicer20
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                I had also read that one doesn't need to tighten the nut much because it will self tighten further when turned on. But when I followed that tip, I had the spinning blade stop in the middle of a cut - it was quite scary. So now I tighten the nut quite a bit - although not necessarily super tight.

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              I bought a set, received them last week. High quality and well made! A little bit pricey, but what isn’t these days.
              Just my opinion….If you need them (like I did…my saw didn’t come with them)…they are an excellent choice, well made and fast shipping!