Replacement end caps

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  • Replacement end caps

    I am making end caps for the bt3000/3100. These are made from aircraft Baltic birch and painted with a rubberized paint top coat.These are a press fit and VERY strong! Just tape a mallet and tap in. I do not have the front rail caps for the 3100 yet. It’s next. These are $5 ea. These have to be mailed in a bubble pack and shipping is around $4-5 USPS. Anybody interested? See pics

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    Welcome to the forum, Eldans.

    Those little suckers can go walkabout.
    While they are not functionally required, they are nice to have cosmetically.
    Glad to see an alternative source as I imagine Ryobi originals are hard to find.
    Fortunately I still have mine.

    IIRC the rear rails are identical to the BT3000 and BT3100 but the front rails are slightly different and require different caps..

    Is your price per cap? Is there a price for a set?
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      $ 5 per cap, $20 for set. Shipping is $5.


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        I built these because I took a chunk out of my side walking around the saw that had no end caps!


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          I could use a full set but am too busy and traveling too much over the next couple of weeks to even think about it. If you are still making these after the new year holidays, I will order a set then.
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