BT3 belts availability looking up, prices down

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  • BT3 belts availability looking up, prices down

    We know that the original Ryobi supplied dual belts were Specially made poly urethane ribbed belts.
    For the last few years prices were exceeding $20 each and you need two usually.

    You will notice now on eBay there are sellers selling belts purportedly for the BT3's - they appear black in the pictures but are supposed to be exact replacements.
    Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw Replacement V Belt # 662329001 969207002 -2PK

    Brand New! Includes (2) 662329001 Belts. New, Bulk Packed. OEM replacement part. Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. Compatible with: Ryobi : BT3000 10" Table Saw, BT3100 10" Precision Woodcutting Table Saw, BT3100-1 10" Table Saw

    Best thing is that you can get 2 for under $20... the price range reflects various shipping charge extra vs free shipping.
    Maybe now is the time to pickup a spare pair... insurance... before they become scarce again.
    Apparently Amazon, too. Just ordered a pair with slow shipping from China... price +taxes +shipping was $10.80 I'll let you know when I get them in a month. Search BT3000 belt on either Amazon or eBay.
    One month+ shipping from China, don't wait until you need one.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Ryobit bt3000 belts.JPG Views:	0 Size:	75.6 KB ID:	845597
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    Loring, this sounds like a good idea - and I like your "insurance" strategy


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      Thanks for the informational post. I'll definitely be ordering an extra set of belts. I wonder what the shelf life of these would be?

      The first time I cut a ZCP I burned a belt becausee I didn't have the blade adjust all the way down. It wasn't too long after I had bought my saw and I was still learning. (The BT was my first table saw.) Lesson learned and with the process of hanging a belt too!

      While replacing belts is not something I would be looking forward to, it certainly is adviseable have have a spare set handy..

      Thanks again

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        I don't know... I still have the original belts in my saw from 1999 so I would guess ordinarily shelf life exceeds operating life.
        Normally I think of Polyurethane is tough, resistant, stable stuff. Much better than natural rubber or PVC which takes a set, gets hard or cracks with age.
        However, I have had some PU air hoses, rot on me after 5-10 years but some UV (sunlight) exposure may have been involved. Not sure if there is a formulation difference
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      I’ve had automotive timing belts last 30 years with moderate use. Black belts are probably mfg’d by makers of auto timing belts and industrial cog belts so they will likely be a corded belt and should last a long time. I know it won’t prevent much gassing off but I would probably store the spare belts in a vacuum pack bag and store in the house where it is climate controlled vrs in the hot/cold shop.