BT3100 top restoration.

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  • dbhost
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    BT3100 top restoration.

    So as you know, my saw was in a shop that had a small fire. It was barely noticeable at first, but over the years the discoloration of the aluminum due to the smoke is really noticeable... I know the BT3000 had the milled ribs that could be polished out with some Mothers and a Dremel. I am just wondering how best to recover the cosmetics and smooth sliding of the BT3100 top.
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    I am wondering... the original BT3000 were anodized aluminum, which is an oxidized finish, while in my mind the BT3100 had some sort of coating applied to the surface of the aluminum giving different restoration techniques.

    I have a BT3 with both a BT3000 aux table (original) and a BT3100 aux table (eBay special) and I'll go take a look after a bit.

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    • d_meister
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      My BT3000 top looks like bare aluminum on the ridges. It looks like the whole thing was powder coated a light gray and then the surface ridges were machined. If it was anodized, it's long ago worn off. Lots of scratches from stuff dragged across it with the rip fence.
      Had a look at the router accessory table, and it looks the same, except the machining marks are faintly visible on the runner surfaces.
      I wouldn't hesitate to spray paint it and then clean it up with fine grit sandpaper on a flat rigid backer. I somehow ended up with some 6" self stick discs, so I cut a disc out of 3/4" plywood. That would do the job nicely, although it has coarser paper on it.


      • Black walnut
        • Aug 2015
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        Give it a good scrubbing with mineral spirits or acetone. Do not use steel wool. If you use any abrasive make sure to wash it off and rinse and rinse so none remains. Then a couple applications of JPW

        The reason to avoid abrasives is that aluminum may hold onto them. making for a rough and abrasive surface. You could polish with 3M Scotchbrite pads with a block as a backer. followed by wax.
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