Ryobi bt3000 Tilting gear removal

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  • Ryobi bt3000 Tilting gear removal

    After experiencing and fixing all the other raise/tilt mechanism issues y'all have had I found the hopefully last issue with my 30 year old bt3000. There are teeth missing from the tilting gear which rides in/on the rack when tilting the saw. Any idea how to swap this out? I see new gears available online but removing the entire handle, wheel, cam etc from the outside of the cabinet does not let me remove the tilting gear. Thanks for all the help past and future.

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    I do not remember how I did it but I took a BT3000 totally apart (when I lived in Japan) to ship in my crate back to the States (2010) and then put it back together over here in 2011. It still works and is in great shape at my son-in-laws garage. I have a 3100. ALL panels for the 3000 were separated from any parts and gears, so I know that I did it. It was a lot easier to take the side panels off, and then upside down, take everything else off.

    That is all I did. It was easier, as I said, when the saw is upside down and side panels are off. That makes it a LOT easier than working on it from up under. I think you will be less frustrated doing it that way.
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      If I turn it over I'm going to lose 30 years of sawdust and at least 1 set screw. Who wants to endanger history like that.


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        I have parts if you need