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  • What is this weird part?

    I recently picked up a pair of rip fences from a friend who is cleaning out his brothers estate. One is kinda corroded and I’m working on getting it freed up. The other one had this funky handle looking thing screwed into the top of the fence. Is this a factory part or something homemade? I turned the broken fence into a crosscut fence for more support.
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    It was used to mount a hold down clamp. I think this was part of the original accessory kit, but I don't remember.

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      It was indeed part of the accessory kit, and available separately. I have 2 of the hold down clamps so I can have more even pressure holding the stock in place...
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        It was also used with the router mounting kit to hold the bit guard that doubled as a dust chute.
        just another brick in the wall...


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          Thanks guys! Happy sawdust making!