What tools needed to remove BT3000 from stand?

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  • What tools needed to remove BT3000 from stand?

    Hi all,

    I'm going to look at a BT3000 this afternoon, but will need to disassemble it from the stand first. Can someone tell me what tools I would need? I image it's just 4 bolts and nuts? It would be nice to know if there's any tips so I don't spend an hour finicking with it.

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    That is actually a VERY good question. I have a BT3100 that I bought used from a member here years ago, never had it off its stand, and a BT3000 that didn't come with a stand... I would suspect it uses Phillips head or allen head screws, with nuts, and washers. I would expect it to be metric.

    Just to be sure, take a set of metric wrenches, sockets, ratchet, metric allen wrenches, and if your luck is anything like mine, magnetic pickup.

    Best of luck!
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      All original BT3000/3100 hardware is SAE - fractional inch US threads. No metric fasteners anywhere. Real USA designed and manufactured.
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    The assembly instructions require the following:
    • 3/8 inch nut driver
    • Socket wrench with 7/16 inch socket
    • Adjustable wrench
    • 3/4 inch open end wrench
    • #2 Phillips screwdriver
    • Flat blade scredriver
    • Combination Square
    • Framing Square.
    If you can assemble it with those tools, you should be able to disassemble with those as well. I'll bet you can leave the squares at home
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      Good post!

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    So did you end up getting it?
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