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BT3100 Maintenance-Best way to access saw parts

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    Originally posted by Carlos View Post
    I'm always amazed that people don't bother with manuals on most anything. The most amazing is cars.
    When Roger Smith was CEO of General Motors back in the '80s, he said that "if you want to keep a secret; print it in the Owner's Manual". Always loved that and think of it whenever any manual discussions come up.


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      I would like ti see CWSmiths view on this . . . BUT . . . Owners manual often/usually comes in tech talk that is over the head of the average person. I can't tell you how many times I tried looking up things in my wife's Prius manual and in my Camry manual. The index is the pits. It took us an hour and a thesaurus to look up different related words to find out how to re-set the "change Oil" warning light. It was not under maintenance, or oil change or warning lights. When it comes on when you are in the middle of a long trip, it needs to be reset so that we can continue to drive until we get to a place and time that we can have it changed.

      Owners manual - 4 different ones for one vehicle? Add to that the words/index they use - are not common folks terms either.

      That reminds me when I got to Japan and was learning Japanese and wanted to do Japanese Language on a computer - here is what I heard numerous times at a couple of computer clubs in Tokyo: You have to know and understand computer lingo to operate it. There is no training manual on terminology - you just have to know it! I promise you I heard that numerous times. A real catch 22 to learning how to use or operate a computer. (I was also amazed to find out that I could out type my Japanese friends in the Japanese language also. At first I just thought they were using flattery on this "gaijin" and finally I called them on it. Then they said: We do not take typing I school; we do not have a single unified keyboard like you Americans do, therefore (at that time in the late 80s,) very few knew how use a keyboard.)
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      Hank Lee

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        Originally posted by Jim Frye View Post
        FWIW, and to clarify things for any future visitors, the Craftsman 21829 had the same cabinet as the BT3000 with removable ends, just painted red.
        I can confirm, I own two and they do have the same removable panels.

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          Originally posted by capncarl View Post
          I hate to bust your bubble, but our latest washing machine doesn’t have a removable panel either.
          It appears that your washing machine has the quick tilt top for easy service. If you are trying to work from the side, I imagine that is quite a bit more difficult. There are typically two spring clips on the front edge joint, push a putty knife in the gap and the whole top releases and hinges up, giving you access to everything for easy service.

          Electrical Engineer by day, Woodworker by night


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            Hi Folks,

            I just wanted to thank a few folks who provided useful advice. Everything is lubricated and the blade lifts like it was brand new (at least what I imagine how a new BT3100 would operate new )

            Loring thanks for the helpful advice in this post and in the FAQ. The details in that FAQ are incredible and all of us owe you a debt of gratitude. I was able to see in the operator's manual the mention of the elevating shaft and bevel gear that needed lubrication but was not able to locate them without removing the side. I also saw your instructions and parts list in the FAQ and once I removed the sides the location of everything was obvious and I was able to access everything to follow your directions.

            Jim, as you probably see from above, the removal of both sides was critical for me to complete this task. Thank you for the critical advice! In retrospect, it should have been obvious that those were access panels, but it wasn't at the time. BTW, my operator's manual (BT3100 version 3-28-06 rev01) mentions nothing about removing the sides anywhere in the document (p36 is about adjusting the sliding miter table). I have read it multiple times over the years and thought it was unusually well written compared to others I have read (or if I could even find manuals when performing my old woodworking tool restorations).

            Hank, that was my experience as well. Once those sides came off, everything else was simple.

            Capncarl thanks for your posts as well.

            Thanks again and have a good evening,


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              You are welcome.

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            capncarl Thank you! I do understand what you're saying and I do think it is important. I also see that in this thread the OP was given options and ideas to do what he was seeking. Then I see topic creep to the subject of manuals. Although it has been a long time since I have done so I do not recall that the owners manual for the BT3K detailed cleaning, inspecting, and lubing the shims.

            I believe we are so much more than most of the other forums I visit in that folks who reply here have been there and done that. On another forum I have read so many times folks offering advice based on what they had read on the same forum and decided that is how they would do it when the time comes in some future time.
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