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Finally had to do shim repair....after 24 years!

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  • Finally had to do shim repair....after 24 years!

    Well, I finally decided to do something about the troublesome blade elevation control on my BT 3000. Took it apart today, for the first time since I bought it brand new in 1995. Surprisingly, all shims were still there where they belong. Just had to clean everything and polish the bearing surfaces. No new parts needed. Works like new again! Also took apart the original power switch that has ALWAYS been a problem. Sanded some burrs off and reassembled, works better but definitely needs an improved/safer solution in the future.

    This saw was one of the first tool purchases I made as a new homeowner. I'm still satisfied after all these years.

    That's all....just felt like posting!


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    FYI, if your switch is the two button, black and red, there is a recall for that type of switch - with serial number effectivity. If you contact Ryobi support they should be able to replace the switch immediately if your serial number is covered by the recall. As I am not able to get to my files right now you can google Ryobi, switch recall and you should get the recall notice from 1999 if I remember the correct year. They have been rather quick in getting the switch shipped and there is no charge to you for the switch or the shipping.


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      Great to see this post Tom.
      just another brick in the wall...