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Where to get replacement BT3000 shims in Canada?

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  • Where to get replacement BT3000 shims in Canada?


    My shims need to be replaced, one of them has split quite badly and the other is just starting. I have only found one place online that had the parts: While the price for the parts is fine, shipping from the US more than doubles the cost. Does anyone know where to get the parts from within Canada where the shipping would be more reasonable?


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    In years past when others had issues with costly shipping or other international issues there has been members who purchased in the USA and used our USPS to mail internationally to another member. How much are they asking for shipping? Perhaps using a "friend" would be less costly but much slower.
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      The shipping cost is $26.85 which is what USPS charges to ship to Canada for the smallest flat rate package. I don't know how much cheaper it could be do have it shipped to someone in the US and then have them ship it instead of coming directly from the company. The company isn't over-charging for shipping from what I can see, I was just hoping to see if anyone knew of a source within Canada where it wouldn't have the increased costs of going over the border.