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Fence Roller Holder broken

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    I got my aluminum machined rocker holder/roller holder just yesterday, also Figuring it would be a present to my saw to keep it running for a few more years.
    It was really not too hard to change out, as usual an operation that should be 10% of the job turned out to be 90% of the effort.

    The old bracket comes off as one piece with the removal of three screws. Then its a matter of transferring over the roller and the clamping lever.

    You use all the old pieces except for the two screws that held the assembly to the fence; these are replaced by machines screws for which the aluminum bracket is tapped, rather than reusing the original self-tapping screws of he old bracket.

    Getting the split roll pin out was a lot harder than I recall. That was 90% of the job. I used in various combinations, a ball peen hammer and a press, and a 1/4" stell pin and a 15/64 center finding punch to knock out the pin... the old bracket did not quite lie flat on its side to help. THere were a few breaks and pausing for reflection in between each attempt. Eventually I soaked it with penetrating oil, used a 1/4" flat washer around the pin to level out the plastic bracket so I could hit it square, and took some really good whacks with the ball peen hammer. Backing it up with a scrap thick piece of wood and a 3/8" hole was important. Having a torn right shoulder rotator cuff (MRIs tomorrow) doesn't help.

    For the record, the roll pin is loose fit in the bracket but tight in the clamp lever. I set those parts aside.

    Then I used a small allen t-handle to punch out the pin holding the roller... this is a press fit but much less tight and the pin is aluminum. The pin is actually a press fit in the roller and a clearance fit in the bracket so the pin revolves with the roller.

    I had a wicked thought and wondered if I could find a roller bearing to replace the plastic roller... I measured and found it to be .247" ID, .840" OD and about .345" to..387" wide with the slot giving up to .462 space for width. I looked and the closest I found was a hybrid bearing with 1/4" ID, 22 mm OD, and .about 7 mm width. 22 mm works out to .866 so I didn't think it would fit with the clamper clearance reduced. But it would have been wicked smooth rolling.

    So I installed the roller in the new bracket, installled the clamping lever int he bracket and drove the roll pin home with the ball peen.
    Putting the whole assembly back into the fence was easy and I used the machine screws. The screw in the end of the lever that attaches to the push rod appeared to have had some blue lock-tite on it. I think you can adjust how far the locking handle moves with this screw position.
    Anyway everything worked fin after reassembly and the lube I put on the roller appears to have helped.

    Loring in Katy, TX USA
    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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