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Millennial who was given a BT3000

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    Originally posted by Macsauce2012 View Post
    You sure? Feel free to text me 4196056174
    Hmm, I expected to get notified if someone replied to this thread, gonna have to check if that is an option.
    I'll give you a ring tomorrow, 2/24/2019.

    While I have a clear memory of finding one new in box, for some reason I do have a dust collection bag box with all of the router/jigsaw kit parts in it. I'm pretty sure there's another box somewhere but I can send you what I've found. I should have the paper work for it, I keep all manuals and paper work that comes with tools.


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      As long as you have the blade on the left of the rip fence, then the measurement on the rail using a fixed mounted tape, once zeroed properly, will give a consistent distance between the fence and the blade... the rip width... despite changes of the blade with different kerfs.
      THis is because the arbor is fixed and the right side of the blade is fixed when all the spacers are present. And the spacers in the BT3x are precison machined for thickness and square.
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        Probie ------- you wait one minute before you even touch that piece of fine equipment, that was made before you were born, son ----- I'm talking quality, vintage machinery -------- and just so you know ------- BT does NOT stand for Blue Tooth. You got that boy? (straighten out hat) ------- drop and give me 20.

        Oh wait ----- sorry ---- wrong forum.

        First and foremost ------ RTFM ----- contact LCHIEN and read his manual ------ I SAID READ IT, BOY ------ (sorry ---- wrong forum)

        Just to be sure ----- when you said "shop class" ---- that's not a field trip to Wal-mart ----- right? That's a class ------ with real, live, finger-eating machines?

        Okay, probie ---- I vote to let you in ------ but there better be some pics.

        PROBIE 10329 ------ Fall out---- DISMISSED

        Hey Pappy ---- How'd I do?
        Probie ---- pardon my humor ---- Just be glad you're not the kid that wants to date my daughter......... He'll need to introduce himself to me in the gun forums.
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