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Replacement miter fence assembly?

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  • Replacement miter fence assembly?

    Do to moving around a lot I sold or gave away all my wood working equipment quite a few years ago. Now settled, I made an impulse purchase at a yard sale. I bought what I thought was a decent looking table saw, a Ryobi BT3100. I was unfamiliar with this saw, but was intrigued by the router attachment that came with it. It was missing a miter, but I thought I could pick one up pretty cheaply and use it in the T-groove in the saw table like all the other table saws I've used. It wasn't until I got it home and started doing a little research that I realized exactly what I had. The sliding miter table is included, just not the fence assembly. I know buying then researching is the wrong order, but that ship has sailed. To further punish my poor choice I discovered that the miter fence assembly parts are no longer available from any of the online parts warehouses. E-bay also was a dead end. Now I come with my tail firmly tucked between my legs to ask if any of y'all have any suggestions as to how or where I might obtain a miter fence assembly for this saw. Now that I understand how the saw works I really want to make it usable.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    Don, Welcome to the forum.

    All is not lost, but it may take some ingenuity.

    First, there is a fence assembly on ebay right now, and they do come up from time to time, but as parts become more scarce, the prices go up. Itt looks like it is going for $65 + shipping so that makes a bargain saw much less of a bargain. A quick search for "bt3000 fence" shows 3 available all around the same price

    There is a dual miter slot available for the saw (if you can find one) so you could use a standard miter gauge,

    In the articles section of the site, there is a plan for a home made miter slot by Rod Kirby. With this you could also use a sandard miter gauge.

    You could make a replacement fence from wood or angled Aluminum. While the original fence may appear fancy, it is really just a piece of extruded aluminum with a pivot point and a bracket that locks it down. The meat of the bracket is just a bolt with a knob on it.
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      Thanks for the informative reply. Not sure how I missed them on ebay, but searched again and found one. It was $65, but had free shipping so I ordered it.

      My little fiasco may turn out to be a net plus since my searching for the miter fence led me to this forum. :-) I've been out of wood working for many years and this looks to be a great resource.

      Thanks again,


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        If I recall correctly the miter fence assembly on the mobile saws (like the BTS-21 and the later replacement RTS-31, have the same SMT fence assembly. I have the BTS-21 and I'll check it out this weekend, but I know it is very similar if not a total duplicate. I purchased it new about 12 years ago, IIRC, The RTS-31 came out after that and I believe it was on sale within the last ten years. Not sure if anything that Ryobi markets today has the SMT though.

        The point is that the fence may still be available under either of those model numbers.

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          Just a factoid about BT3000

          The extrusion for the BT3x rip fence is the same extrusion used for the BT3x miter fence.(different lengths, though, I think) and the same extrusion is sold as the 4060300 Long Miter rip fence which is 41" long and meant to be used in place of the standard miter fence for long mitering support, and also could be attached to the rip fence to make it longer to guide long rips better.

          But a quick look on the internet and eBay seem to show you can't get the long miter fence extrusion any more. It came with a bunch of hardware for fastening it to the miter or the rip fence. for
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