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Holy Price Gouging, Batman!

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  • Holy Price Gouging, Batman!

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    No lie. My jaw literally dropped open. I think I bought my new BT3 on closeout from HD for a little less than twice that price.

    Cheaper, but man, that is still expensive!

    I had to replace some drive belts for a $650K machine I use at work. They don't have to spin at nearly the same speed as the BT3 V belts, but maybe this company has something that is compatible. I was paying just $7/belt after shipping.
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      How is it gouging when you can just buy it from someone else for less? More like a screwed up auto-pricing algorithm.


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        Yeah that's definitely not the "normal" price... they're expensive puppies, but not THAT expensive lol.

        Carlos: Title was meant to be humorous, that's all. You can sell your belts for as much (or as little) as you like


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          I have a set of replacements if someone needs them. I think I traded a couple throat plates for them years ago.
          $10.00 shipped in the US. First come gets them.
          I will also be parting out my old BT3000 and 3100 sometime soon, so if someone needs some parts, let me know.
          Dirt cheap.


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            I too would consider it "price gouging". The last time I bought a set they were something like $10 or $1235, IIRC (it's been a few years). Just did a search of "drive belts for Ryobi 3100" and found four or five links with the most expensive being eReplacements for $38.19 ( and the least expensive was on E-Bay for $13.99, but it didn't look proper (

            Bottom line though is that they seem to be getting rather rare and without a named manufacturer I suspect the prices will only rise. Just seems to me that this shouldn't be all that custom, but I guess it is.

            Fortunately, baring any accidents I hopefully won't need a set for awhile. I only paid $150 for my NIB BT31001 when I bought it in 2005 on clearance and I love this saw. Hate to think I'll have to dump it one day because I can't get a good price on a set of belts.

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              Wait! They have some "refurbished" belts at $36.98 each. I have no clue how you "refurbish" a poly belt, but really. I'd just call the local Ryobi Authorized Service Center and have them order them. I'll bet lunch they are much, much cheaper. I melted the original belts on my saw in 1993 and worried that they might be fragile, so I ordered three sets. Here it is 2018 and I still have the two spare replacement sets left! I also have spare sets of belts for every belt driven tool in the shop.
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                The belts have been harder to get as of late and the price for a pair seems to run about $30-40. Mine are kept from breaking by a little care and a spare set I have in a drawer.
                Here's the history of the BT3 belts from the BT3 FAQ
                The BT3 Belts are reinforced polyurethane and made by Bando. The ID on the belts says "Bando 106H NJ”. “106” implies the belt length of 10.6 inches; “H” is polyurethane. However, according to the Bando catalog, this may not be a complete number as it needs to spell out the number of ribs. Unfortunately these are custom belts and are apparently ordered by Ryobi in quantities and cannot be bought “off the shelf”. It is a standard design for Bando; they would presumably make them if enough were ordered at one time.
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                  Heh, I just got a profanity-laced scathing email about a hard to find product I've got on eBay for a price he considers "gouging." LOL, buy it or don't. I overprice a lot of things until I see what interest there is.


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                    I went into the shop and dug out the belt box. Two of the belts are labeled "BANDO 106H HH TAIWAN" and the package only states "BT3000 Belts". The other two are labeled "BANDO 106H FD TAIWAN" and this package has a part number label of 662329-001.
                    Jim Frye
                    The Nut in the Cellar.