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Dado blade 101 - what type is best?

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  • Dado blade 101 - what type is best?

    I had a friend ask me about the difference between stack dado and the other type (wobble ?) name escapes me at the moment - must be my CRS (canít remember stuff) kicking in again. I have only used a stack dado on my bt3000 with mixed results. I did set up a sacrificial attachment to the rip fence so I could keep the blade away from the rip fence. I used it to cut a rabbett in 1Ē X 2Ē trim to make picture frame moulding. I subsequently found it preferable to use my Porte cable router with the accessory table and the ryobi router kit.

    Will the wobble router cut a flatter bottom than a stack dado?

    what are the pros and cons with each type?

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    The stack is the more expensive and generally preferred type. A wobbler is just a cheap way to get a non-flat dado. There will be a slight cove to it since the wobbler section in the middle won't cut flat. Also I've noticed that wobblers tend to be small, like 6", because they don't run balanced so there's some vibration. I'm not aware of any positives to the wobbler other than price. The stack's advantages are a cleaner, faster cut because you have much more tooth to wood contact, it's balanced, and cuts flat/clean.


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      It is a very tight fit for the 8 inch dado on the BT3x as the 8 inch stacked dado barely hits the housing at some points. I think of a few, it does not, so, it is that close, Most people settle on the 6 inch for the BT3X.
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        There's a rather extensive write up specifically on Dados for the BT3x in the BT3 FAQ, as always linked in the signature line of my posts.
        I've used Wobbles on the BT3 but its a real pain inthe neck for several reasons. You are much better off with a quality 6" stack dado for the BT3. Freud seems to be the best.
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          I have used both a wobbler and a stacked. The wobbler is okay for quick n dirty stuff. However, it wonít cut flat. For flat, you need a stack.

          I found my my first stack at a yard sale for $20. Have since graduated to an Irwin set. For nice clean finger joints, thereís no beating Freud.