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  • BT3000 portability

    I have taken a leap of faith and gone into business for myself. I am now a professional handyman. As a result, I will be in need of a portable table saw. The friend that hooked me up with my BT3000 happens to have another one - and he's giving it to me! I would like to get input from you guys and gals in the sawdustzone regarding the feasibility of using a BT3000 as a portable jobsite saw. If so, is there a folding base that you could recommend? Another saw that appeals to me, is the Skilsaw Worm drive table saw. But that is cost prohibitive so far.

    Anybody else using there BT3xxx as a portable saw that gets stored in the truck or trailer? Any pictures?


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    If I remember correctly, the BT3000 was originally designed to be taken as a job site precision type of saw. However, its light weight didn't do too well for holding tolerances when thrown around in the back of a pickup - meaning adjustments needed to be made regularly, or the sliding miter table needed to be fixed with new slides.

    The BT3000 is or can be an accurate/precision saw if taken care of. It doesn't do this if one drops 2x4s on top and against the fence or on the sliding miter table. Before this is seen as a weakness of this saw against another, no one would dare drop 2x4s on a $600 Biesemeyer fence on a Unisaw either.

    IF one takes care of the saw as one would on the $600 fence, the saw should hold up good, but treat it roughly and it will be just a rough construction grade saw. Some people take the sliding miter table off and add the miter slot tables to it (a few add that on both sides) and use that.

    I have a Bosch gravity rise stand for my BT3000.
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      As I recall, the friend who I got my original saw from, also gave me some "extra" parts. He says that those parts came from another fellow who allowed his BT3000 to fall off his truck (and it didn't survive the fall).

      My original BT3000 has a prominent place in my shop and since it never gets moved or bumped around, It has been straight and true for years and is a pleasure to use.

      I will heed your advice and remove the SMT from my new portable saw.

      I have a different friend who has a Bosch TS and I bet it has the gravity rise stand. I will check with him and get his opinion.

      Thanks leehljp