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Deal or no deal? BT3000SX6 table saw and router combo....

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  • Deal or no deal? BT3000SX6 table saw and router combo....

    I found an unusual version of the BT3K, being sold by a friend's neighbor. It's called a "BT3000SX6 Ultimate Wood Worker's System". It has all the usual features (SMT, fences, clamp) but has the following extra items:
    - 1.5hp ryobi router AND mounting kit
    - dado and ZCTP plates
    Seller claims he paid close to $500 new, and said its never been used...he wants $300 for "basically a new saw". Does this seem overpriced or a good deal? Seems the BT3's/C-man 315's I find locally are very used, need $100+ in parts to be complete, and sell for $100-150... thoughts?

    [btw, I need a saw for bamboo flooring cuts, mdf trim, and later for building a pergola. ]


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    If indeed this saws is in pristine, I'd consider $300. The accessories kit from HD goes for $100 and from what you write, it seems to come with the saw. As for the router, I don't know how many members here actually use the router on the BT, I use a router table.


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      is it still in the box or is it open to inspect?
      The two things I'd be wary of in a BT3000 saw not used for 15-19 years or more are the belts - once in a long while I hear of belts disintegrating from old age but most everyone elses seem to be OK for many years. The other of course is the shims, if they frozen in place after all the time or can they still move (and need an immediate lube job).

      Aside from that if it has the accessory kit parts, I'm really on the fence about this one. Sounds like its got the accessory kit but if you read the BT3 FAQ its about half useful. I guess with the router it makes it an OK deal. I'd like to have a a micro positioner and a wide table kit. as desirable accessories.
      If you can check it make sure the that router moves up and down OK and hopefully it has both 1/4" and 1/2" collets.

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